We Bring the Salon to YOU!  - Clean Paws Mobile Pet Services
Does your pups breath burn your brows off?  Try our Clean  Paws Mobile Grooming Complete Oral Care Spa.  Plaq Clnz is a zinc based product that will freshen you dog or cat's breath!  When used over a period of time it will also break down that ugly plaque and tartar build up too!  Book your Mobile Grooming or Pet Transportation Service Online TODAY!

Once you try Clean Paws Mobile Grooming,  you and your pet won't ever want to back to the salon again!
Convenience!  You can't beat having your pet groomed right outside your door!

Don't forget Clean Paws Pet Shuttle Service!  The BEST pet transportation service in Northwest Indiana and Chicago-land! We make getting your pet to the vet or local boarding facility easy!  For your convenience, we have added Dog Walking Services to our menu!  Book your appointment online TODAY!!!!

*Please see our Cancellation Policy prior to booking your appointment.  

Bella Hymmie Finished profileRuffles finished

Spooky finished. A beautiful long haired cat groomed to perfection by Clean Paws Mobile  pet stylistBuddy an extra large smooth coated dog.  Bathed, fluffy dried and groomed to perfection by our Clean Paws Mobile pet stylistCooper  a beautiful Rag doll, bathed, fluff dried, degreased and deshedded by our Clean Paws Mobile stylist and Dog Walker Michelle RobinsonStd Poodle VogueMuppet was a completely matted dog adopted from the shelter, but our Clean Paws Mobile stylist and dog walker gave a fresh new look for his forever home