We Bring the Salon to YOU!  - Clean Paws Mobile Pet Services
We don't want to be stinkers, but.......

Due to the nature of our business,travelling to your location with a full service grooming salon on wheels is costly. Busy people understand that "time is money." Unexpected cancellations,last minute cancellations, and "no shows" are both time consuming and counterproductive to our efforts to bring a valuable service to your door!  To prevent misunderstandings, it is our standard practice to send  both emails and text message reminders 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.   We require 24 HOUR NOTICE of cancellation.   We do understand that there may be circumstances that occur beyond our control, however,  once we have arrived or in route to your location and/or cancellations without 24 hour notice a minimum of  $85.00 service fee per pet is due.   No exceptions!  

For your Pet's Safety and Ours

All pets must be current on their rabies vaccines(over 4 months)
or second set of puppy shots(3.5 months) for  grooming services.
**Exceptions:  Pets that can not be vaccinated for health reasons.  In such case a note from you vet on their letterhead will be accepted**

Please double check your pet's vaccines a couple of days prior to our arrival for grooming services to make sure they are up to date.   Pets that have not been vaccinated at least 24-48 hours prior to our arrival will be charged an $85.00 cancellation fee per pet.

Our toll free number is available for messages 24/7.  Call us at anytime 1-888-648-7256 if you need to change your appointment. 

Thank you for your understanding!