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Off Leash Dog Park

If you live in the City of Gary, Inidana,finding animal friendly events in our city is quite a challenge, but it is needed!  Socialization for dogs is very important.  It helps them establish a pecking order in their dog community, as well as allows them to meet new dog friends to hang out and be silly with.  No matter how you slice it, you can never change the fact that dogs are pack  animals. They need that group socialization to understand who they are in the pack and to enjoy some silly time with one another.

Mobile Lemonade

Well, there is a lot to be said about adversity.  It will either make you stronger or it will break you.  It can make you question your sanity ,and make you fall back into your comfort zone.  Success is what you make of it!  Some people's view of success is a big car, fancy house, or lots of money in the bank.  There is nothing wrong with any of those things, but some things require baby steps and a lot of recognition to achieve!  Some people want to be famous!  Being in the spot light has it's up and down side too!

Fall Bath N Brush Special is BACK!!!!!

YYES!!!  It's that time again!  Clean Paws Mobile Grooming's Annual Fall Bath N Brush Special!  Enjoy $15.00 off our Bath N Brush Special for all short flat-coated adult dog breeds.  That's right!  Big or small, we are bathing them all! The Fall Bath N Brush special includes:

Tearless Bath
Oatmeal Facial Scrub
Nails trimmed
Ears Cleaned
5 Minute Hydro-Massage
Brush Out

*DeShedd Treatment, Extra Brush-Out, or other Specialty Spa services are available, but are not included in the special.

The Four Legged Child

One of the best parts of being mobile for me is seeing how happy the four-legged children  get for their spa day.  It truly warms my heart when I round the corner and I hear the all familiar sound of a hound!  It is like sweet music to my ears!  Even the little ones get into the groove.  Happily dancing upon my arrival and giving sweet kisses when it's time to leave.  Sometimes I feel like Santa Claus!  After all he was the first one to come up with idea of going mobile.

Fleeting Fleas

This is one of my least favorite subjects, but I am compelled to share my thought and knowledge on this.  Fleas,ticks and mosquitoes are a way of life in the insect world.  Although the many animals including ourselves may not appreciate their existence.  They are here for a reason!  Protecting ourselves and our pets from them is something that we really have to face whether we want to or not. 

Protecting your pets and your home from fleas can be an take only a few minutes.

Matt and Tangle......What a Relationship!

In the wintertime, the forced air heating has a tendency to remove moisture from the home.  It will cause our hair and skin to dry out and does the same for our pets.  I love grooming the drop coated dogs, shih tzu's, maltese, yorkies and such.  It is a special joy when the pet parents comb them regularly!  A few days ago I was talking to a parent who was becoming increasingly frustrated by the discovery of tangles in her little maltese.  She assured me that she was combing her dog at least 3-4 times a week.

I groom my dog myself

Those are five little words that make every professional groomer I know cringe!  It is equivalent to sharp nails going across a chalkboard.  When we hear those words on the other end of the phone it almost makes our heart stop.  We know that "grooming" a pet is more than just a bath.  Sadly, most times it is had to get that across to many  pet owners.  Some people want a dog because it's cute and fluffy and their intention is to love and baby it until the end of its days.

Mobile Gift Card Sale Extended

There is still time to get your Clean Paws Mobile Grooming Gift Card!  The sale has been extended to Saturday November 24th!  Support a local small business this holiday season, and get your gift card while supplies last!

November Scent of the Month

It's here!!  The November Scent of the Month is Vanilla Latte!

You and your pet can snuggle up on cold nights with with warm scent of a Latte!

The Scent of the Month Spa includes:

Warm and Spicy Vanilla Latte Shampoo
Luxury Aloe Conditioner
Minty Breath Freshner
15 minute hydro message therapy
Vanilla Latte Spritz

*Must purchase full service spa.
*Good for both dogs and cats
*Current proof of vaccines required.

Time is running out!

The savings on the purchase of a new gift card or re-loading an existing gift card ends November 17th! 

Get your card today!