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Why do short-coat pets shed so much?

One of the reasons is simple.  Because the hair is smooth like short haired cats, Pugs, Chihuahua,Beagles, Labs and so on there is nothing for the hair to "catch on" to. 

When the normal shedding process starts, it blows like a storm!  There are also other factors that contribute to the shedding as well like poor nutrition.  Have you ever heard of the saying "you are what you eat?"  That goes for our pets as well!  Better nutrition like premium foods with healthier ingredients makes a world of difference!  Make sure you read the label, and don't be sold by the picture on the package.

Allergies-pets can suffer from the same types of  food and seasonal allergies as we do.  Often times depending on how severe the problem may be, it can lead to excessive shedding or hair loss.

Flea shampoo-if your pet does not have fleas, Do Not bathe them with a flea shampoo!  It over dries the skin which causes more itching, dry skin and shedding. Just because the pet scratches it doesn't mean that there is a presence of fleas.  Your professional groomer can examine the skin and determine if there are parasites present.

A regular professional grooming appointment every 4-6 weeks helps to address the shedding issue.  Although many pet owners believe that they can bathe their short coat dogs and cats at home and save some money, it actually causes more shedding problems. Excessive bathing with harsh chemicals can make matters worse, and in some cases it can be costly to correct. 

Professional groomers use high quality shampoos,conditioners and equipment.  A professional groomer can spot problems with the skin and coat and/or alert you of something that may be health related, and direct you to your vet for care. 

Allowing the pet to air dry does not remove the excess hair, and if you leave any soap residue on the skin...have new problems and more shedding! 

Nothing you do at home or professionally will stop your pet from shedding.  We are mammals and that is the natural order of how we are designed, however, with good nutrition, proper hydration, and regular professional grooming you can eliminate the mounds of excessive hair floating through your home or resting on your favorite item of clothing!

6 Comments to Why do short-coat pets shed so much?:

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