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Change....Who Me?

You know it's coming....some choose to fight it and others succomb to it.  Remember when television was free?  Now, if you want a good picture you have to pay for cable or satellite.  If you have that crazy digital box, and you haven't beat it with a hammer, I don't know if you still have a pulse!  Change....whether we liked it or happened!

Now the cellphone companies are in on the next move.  Your cellphone won't work if you don't have that data package thing!  I am just getting use to the internet on my computer!  Remember dial-up?  It was the "in" thing until broadband showed up.  Change...good or bad it happens.  I use to use my computer to store data, make notes and occasionally research something.  Now I couldn't live without it, just like my microwave.  

When a friend of mine invited me to go camping with them to a log cabin in the woods, I was excited....until I found out there would be no electricity which meant no microwave!  That was too rough for me!  I opted out of that option!  If you were to ask me about my HTML more than likely you would get a dirty look from me.  Now I am working on websites, creating videos, setting up programs, happens, whether you like it or happens!  If you would have told me 10 years ago that I would be grooming pets in a truck, I would have laughed myself silly.  Today, I am doing just that....both things actually.  Grooming dogs and cats in a truck and laughing about it all the way!

I love grooming, all of it!  The Good, The Bad and The Poopy!.  Dematting, and beautifying a dog or cat is the best thing since sliced bread to me.  Although it is time consuming and most of the times stressful on your body.  I love to see pets in their breed cut.  I love sharing tips with customers that can help them maintain that look until the next session.  I have now come to love how pets react to being groomed in the truck.  The first session is usually a little stressful on them, because they don't know what to expect.  By the time I am finished and they are happily munching on treats it's becomes play time.  The next time I come, they are excited to see me and they know where the treat jar is!  

I have a soft spot for the "senior" pets.  They have the heart of a lion, and even though they may feel a little discomfort climbing into the truck, they always try to be "big girls and boys" do it on their own.  I have to confess, I get excited about the fact that they tried, and I never have a problem guiding them in the rest of the way.  I make a HUGE deal of the effort that they made which is usually followed by a tail wag and a doggy grin.  I enjoy the kisses I get when I arrive and when it's time to go back in the house.  We create a bond together.  I get so tickled when I see them strutting their stuff showing off their fresh bandana and new do.  Dogs are the funniest people!  They have so much personality, and most of them are just clowns at heart!  They are amazing creatures, so full of love and devotion.  

I have been grooming cats for 9 years.  I was bitten by a cat that I groom all the time, and that experience landed my in the hospital with antibiotic IV drip and a hand swollen to the size of a baseball glove!  The first time I groomed a cat in the truck I was suited up like a goalie ready for a hockey game.  To my surprise the cat was a dream!  He was a little fussy for the bath at first, but that was it!  I almost passed out!  I guess being in the truck with no barking dogs, no scent of any other animal was a welcome change for the cat too!  I figured, okay this had to have been a fluke so the next time I greeted the customer we talked about her cat and she explained to me how she usually has to take the cat to the vet to be sedated because he does that flying ninja, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris death spiral flying drop kick  thing when he comes out of the carrier.   I am thinking to my self.....Okay I am ready for the REAL DEAL know!   To my surprise, he was also a dream!  He was a little fussy for his nails at first, but after was all gravy!   We finished in no time flat, and  he posed real pretty for his bandana and picture.    When I walked back into the house with him, his mom had bandages and peroxide ready to patch me up after the blood bath.  When I told her how well he behaved, she peeked into the carrier and asked "are you sure this is the same cat?"  Change is GOOD, even for cats!

When I first went into mobile grooming, I heard all of the horror stories, long hours, all the driving involved, tires flying off the truck on the expressway, you name it.  The truth of the matter, I have enjoyed every minute of it!  The winter was a challenge with slick roads, unplowed streets and 50 gallons of water swishing around in the back in of the truck.  I survived water hoses freezing to the truck, a couple of hoses rupturing in sub-zero weather and covering me in ice.  At least a cold a month from getting in and out of the truck in the challenging weather, people trying to ask me questions about grooming services while we are riding down the highway at 55 miles an hour, but the best part is still under way!  I wouldn't trade those experiences for anything in the world!  Now I get to enjoy the beautiful landscaping on the roadways, and the gardens as I move through each neighborhood.  I can schedule myself to have lunch in the park or stop home and watch Dr. OZ and play with my babies, piddle around in my yard for a little while before I'm off again.   The best part of all, is grooming by the beach!  I look outside my windows and the sun is dancing across the water, while I am doing what I love to do! 

Change!  Yeah, me!  It's been a wonderful ride so far!  If you had told me I would be here 10 years ago, I would not have believed you!  All I can say is.....I am soooooooooo glad I am here!  It's a wonderful place to be!  I am enjoying meeting new people and pets along the  way.  I still have more roads to travel, and if we haven't met yet, I hope to me you
soon!  If you are not in my area, I hope you will enjoy the journey with me as I share as many adventures as I can! 

I believe it was Les Brown that said" once a rubber band has been stretched, it can never  go back to it's original shape"  I hope your will grow, and stretch with me on this new adventure I call Clean Paws Mobile Grooming!  It is truly a labor of love!

Have a Great Summer!


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Harper on Thursday, April 14, 2016 1:40 PM
The cellphone organizations are in on the following move. Your cellphone won't work on the off chance that you don't have that information bundle thing! I am simply getting use to the web on my PC! Keep in mind dial-up? It was the in thing until broadband appeared. Thank you so much.
Reply to comment on Wednesday, June 28, 2017 12:48 AM
I think that the language of love is way more affective then that of fight. And if you say that no one can change you then it’s wrong. I know that even the behavior of other and the pain can change you without you knowing it. You change yourself with each passing day either in positive or in negative way.
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