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Keeping an open mind

I want to share this with you.  It is NOT an official idea, just my opinion so be patient with me while I stand on my soapbox here. 

I have been grooming going on my 10th year now as a profession.  I have prided myself on continuing my education in my profession, and I keep my mind in a learning position.  I have enjoyed inspiring new groomers and have been more of a drill sargent when it comes to learning, and understanding the basics especially when it comes to sanitation and safety.  I have always encouraged my students to grow and seek information and opportunities beyond the lessons that they get from me.   

If I ever get into a position where I feel like I "know everything" and close myself off to the possibility of new ideas and techniques I feel that would be the time for me to stop working in my profession.  When I was working with students, I always learned from them.  Every person is wired differently, and they can arrive at the same desired point via a different route, and I encourage it!  Everything in life is not cookie cutter.  There are basic fundamentals, however, there are certain visionaries that see the end result a different way.  That is why we have some of the most useful inventions that we have today!  

Listening, is a dying art!  Everyone is so hyped up, that all they want to do is talk and be heard, but who are YOU listening to?  I have a soft spot for the seniors, I enjoy listening to their stories of the days gone by.  They are such a treasure chest of history and knowledge, even if it is not in the capacity that they are seeking your assistance.  I have learned a technique that works with senior pets from one of my customers when I worked in the shop that still works for me today.  Some things, have started a spark in me that I have consulted with more experienced groomers as far as safety and usefulness. Some have worked others have not been so productive at this time, but I always listen and I keep myself in a learning mode.  Most times I learn from the pets that I am grooming in addition to my own pets.  Have you ever watch an animal figure something out?  It is an amazing thing to watch! 

When I attend seminars, I try to get to as many sessions as I can.  There are new tools and techniques that make my profession easier, safer and more enjoyable.  I am surprised on occasions when I discover that I have already figured out a technique that speaker is teaching, but I am glad to know that I am on the right track!  Some people in my profession and others as well have been callous to new ideas by budding  newbies that they can actually end up discouraging a new person from pursuing that field of study and that is really a shame!  The seeds of knowledge were meant to be planted to develop the next generation!  If you close yourself to it you are doing a terrible injustice to yourself and others that could benefit from your experiences.  What a waste!  I am very proud of the seeds that I have planted!  They have sprouted into strong seed bearing trees of their own!  They have embraced the confidence,and strength  that was inside of them all along and they are planting seeds in someone else, as I have planted in them!

Sometimes when you have been doing something for so long you become callous to new ideas and techniques, and therefore you begin to kill your own tree!  So I encourage you, the next time someone approaches you with a new idea.  Take a deep breath, let it roll around in your "knower" for a few days, consult with another person in your profession to see if they have heard of it before, and figure out how to make it work.  Sometimes you are not the seed bearer, but the soil from which it shall grow! 

Off of my soapbox!

Have a Safe and Happy New Year!!!!


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