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Coming into her own

The sting of losing my Bear Theodore is still fresh in my heart.  My house still feels cold and empty without him, and I miss the sound of him snoring like a buzz saw at the foot of my bed.  I realize that his loss is as great to me as it is to my Phat Gurl.  She sleeps in the new bed that their grandma bought for Bear, but I have noticed that she stares blankly at the empty spot where he once slept.  She no longer drinks from the water bowl that all of them once shared.  Her favorite cat curls up next to her as if they are leaning on each other for support. 

Before she would whine to go potty a hundred times a day, so she could run around and bounce happily up and down the fence at people passing by.  Now when she goes out she at attention, and she studies the area carefully.  She is on duty, it's like she grew up in a few days.  My Phat Gurl is not a barker.   I have heard her bark on a few occasions usually early in the morning at play, she could honestly wake the dead!  My Phat Gurl is a watcher, a stalker like a cat, and as fast as greased lightening!  I have a O'possum named Eddie that comes to visit at night,  If I don't check before letting her out, I have to shout his name so he can hide while she is out.  I have noticed that now some of her playfulness has subsided and while we are on our walk she pays attention to everything.

Thankfully, this January has been busier than last year.  Working has kept me grounded while going through our loss.  On this particular day my last client was a cat groom.  It was a first time customer, and I made sure I asked the most important question.....when was the last time that your cat was professionally groomed?  She told me "oh she is groomed all the time, the last time was a couple of months ago."  Cats, they are a  tricky breed, you always, and I do mean ALWAYS have to be on your A game, otherwise there could be a problem.  When I arrived I went to do the paperwork and retrieve the cat.  As I walked in the home I noticed that she had not followed my instructions, which were DO NOT put the cat in the carrier until after I see her, just keep her in a smaller room where she can't escape.  It reduces the amount of stress on the cat.    The cat was sitting in the carrier by the door with a blanket over it. my "knower"  I KNOW this is not going to be good, but the cat sat quietly in the cage so I pressed on.  I get in Proud Mary, place the carrier on the table and removed the blanket.....still quiet.   I give her the usual meow greetings....still quiet.  I open the door to the cage to let walk out and investigate.  She comes out looks around and sits on the edge of the table.  I tell her how beautiful she is, and she is still ok.   I placed my hand on the carrier to remove it from the table, and all hell broke out!  This cat let out some kind of crazy banchee scream, hit the crane position from the movie Kirate Kid and came flying at me screaming, peeing, and swinging like that monster that popped out of that guy's chest in the movie Alien!  Like I said, I wasn't on my A-game that day, but my B-game was still pretty good! I stepped back, opened the cage door with one hand, shoved her back into the cage with the other, and slammed the door shut!  I noticed blood on my thumb, she had tagged me on the way back in the cage.  As I tried to lock the door she attacked the gate until I got it locked.  I fumbled around trying to get the blanket back over the cage while the cat bounced around in the carrier like a radioactive isotope dropped in cold water!  She was hitting the walls in the carrier so hard that it almost toppled off the table! 

I held on to the carrier, placed the blanket over it to get her to calm down while I caught my breath.  If I never need a Pepsi, now I needed one BAD!!  All I could say was....what the hell is wrong with this crazy cat? I waited a few minutes for the cat to settle down.  The last thing I wanted to happen was the cage to come flying open while I am walking back to the house and this insane cat digging into my leg like a tree trunk!  As I entered the house, I asked her mom again, when was the last time this cat was groomed professionally?  She replied" OH, she has never been groomed professionally......I always do it."  The blanket had started coming off of the carrier and that the she-beast inside was beginning to rumble again!  I placed the carried in her mom's hand, and I couldn't get to the gas pedal fast enough!  I think Proud Mary popped a wheelie getting away from her street!  I really don't understand why people are not honest about what is going on with their pets.  Had I not reacted quickly, that could have been a VERY dangerous situation!

After stopping at the local gas station, I downed two 44oz Pepsis to get the color back in my skin, and headed home.  It was an early day and I decided to make it special for the Phat Gurl and I.  Just a girls day.  I took her for an extra long walk, we played ball, I gave her a bath in the new Creme Burlee Scent of the month and painted her toe nails red.  Later that night I popped some popcorn and we watched her favorite movie:  Eight Below.    I think we both fell asleep half way through it, but it was a nice evening of bonding for the both of us.  Losing Bear has changed both of us, and we now lean on each other.  She is coming back into her playful moments, but only inside, outside she is on her job, and I love her for it!

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Amy on Monday, January 09, 2012 4:10 PM
You not only have a gift with words, but a gift with animals. My heart goes out to you for your loss, but I'm glad you have Phat Gurl to lean on and vis-versa. Thank you for taking care of my Rocky - he STILL has a bounce in his step after your TLC this weekend. You're amazing and my dog is in love with you! You have a customer for life.
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Michelle on Monday, January 09, 2012 4:57 PM
Thank you Amy. Rocky is such a sweetheart! I am so glad that he enjoyed his joint therapy spa! See you soon.

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