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Victims of Ignorance

I write this blog with both anger and sadness.  Yesterday started off like our normal day.  Up early feeding my pets and then heading off for our daily walk.  It is a route that I have taken my pets on for many years.  We spy the fields to see what new flowers have burst into action for spring, and enjoy the gay song of the birds in the trees as we pass by. 

Today started off no different.  As my Phat Gurl and I headed down the street for our daily exercise we were confronted by a pitt bull that I had seen in the area before.  When he saw us he immediately went into a low crouch and headed straight for me.  This dog was not a stray, but a well feed heavily muscled dog that was taught to fight.  I kept my dog's lead close to my body trying to ward off the would be attacker, but he lunged at me and my Phat Gurl sacrificed herself to protect me.  I pommeled the attacker with any and everything I could get me hands on as I called the police for help.  Finally,  a male appeared from the house that the dog had been fed at, and helped me beat him off of my dog.  He had savagely bitten her foreleg, but she continued to fight back.  I have never in my life been filled with such blinding white hot anger,and at that moment I am ashamed to admit, that all I wanted was the assailant to be DEAD!

Just as quickly as the male appeared to stave off the brutal attack his questions struck me as odd: "Oh!  That's a girl?"  "Your dog is not aggressive?"  What type of person asks those questions, unless you set the stage for the attack?  The only answer I could give was....I will not rest, until that dog is dead!  Like vapors in the wind both the dog and the male disappeared.  At the vet's office, despite being in tremendous pain, my Phat Gurl was the perfect patient her tail never stopped wagging.  She did all that they demanded of her with only a few out cries.  Fortunately, her injuries were not severe.  At a surpising 71 pounds she held off her attacker with a few deep puncture wounds to her foreleg.  They cleaned her wounds and sent us home with meds to help her heal.    Her Aunt Katy drove us gently to our destination, and she received a pop up visit from her Grandma. 

She was showered with kisses, gently rubs and hugs to ease her emotional suffering.  I looked into her eyes and I could see the confusion in her face behind the pain, and it made me angry all over again!  How can people do this?  How do they think that fighting dogs or any animal makes you mucho or tough?  How sick do you have to be to promote or even watch that garbage?  When animal control catches this dog, he is probably going to be put to sleep, and for that my heart feels sadness.  He was taught to be that way, and it will cost him his life.  What will happen to the human that ultimately signed his death warrant?  NOTHING!  He will get another dog and ruin his life as well, and he will continue until he dies....wouldn't be nice if he was attacked by the animals he trained?  Now THAT would be justice!

I look in my Phat Gurl's eyes and I can only wonder what this has done to her emotionally.  If it will change the loving sweet girl that is open and friendly to all animals.  If it will make her dog aggressive now.  All I can do, is keep loving and working with her so that she can come back through this the Princess that she was before.  The scars on her body will heal, I can only hope that the scars on her heart will do the same.

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Jo Ann on Wednesday, March 28, 2012 9:17 AM
This is my grand-dog that was attacked and I am very angry. It is sad that sick people abuse animals but unlike aggressive animals, they remain alive to continue the abuse. While we cannot protect all abused animals, it is sad that this aggressive pit bull will probably be put down just for doing what it believes pleases it's owner. I am glad that my grand-dog wasn't seriously injured. I hope the dog is captured, if only to protect it from being shot by some angry citizen or grandma. I wish I could put the owner in a pen with an aggressive gorilla, not to kill, but just to show him how it feels to be abused and frightened. I got lots of kisses from my grand-dog, she is still loving and beautiful. She demonstrates that pit bulls are as gentle, kind and loving as any dog, it's just the owners who make them mean and dangerous.
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essayninja on Tuesday, February 20, 2018 5:21 AM
Its difficult to keep the victims of ignorance back to confident life. Here in this story a beautiful story of a girl and dog related to this subject is describes well. This story melts my heart. Keep sharing this post to get the chance to others to read this amazing story. I really appreciate such incredible blog. Keep it up.

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