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Off Leash Dog Park

If you live in the City of Gary, Inidana,finding animal friendly events in our city is quite a challenge, but it is needed!  Socialization for dogs is very important.  It helps them establish a pecking order in their dog community, as well as allows them to meet new dog friends to hang out and be silly with.  No matter how you slice it, you can never change the fact that dogs are pack  animals. They need that group socialization to understand who they are in the pack and to enjoy some silly time with one another.  It also helps to open the door with new pet parent friendships as well. It is such a joy watching the dogs romp and play and wear each other out!  The dogs get to burn off some stored up energy that they have acquired from sleeping all day while we are at work.  Having an Off the Leash dog park/run in the City of Gary would be helpful in many ways.  It would provide a safe and friendly facility for pets to have fun, learn good socialization skills, and provide a training center to correct negative behavior.  Did you know that most of the times when dogs dig holes it is simply because they are bored?  Excessive chewing and/or barking can be a sign of frustration? Negative behaviors in some cases can be corrected with exercise!  It can also be a great place to host pet adoption events, and pet parent to be training classes such as obedience and grooming.

Clean Paws Mobile Grooming and Friends Furrever are teaming up to bring a dog friendly park/run to our city.  We would like to open our committee to other pet lovers in Gary, IN that would like to be a part of our project.  This project will take some time to actually bring to life, which includes selecting the ideal location.  Gary has a large number of responsible dog owners like ourselves that would truly enjoy having a dog park of our own!  If you are interested in running with us, please contact Michelle Robinson at: 312-590-3320.