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Tweet Treats

We are springing into action! Join us on Twitter  @cleanpawsmobile and get special offer for products and services when you book a mobile grooming appointment with us. Enjoy a variety of Tweet Treats for both new and existing customers!  Offers will change each week.  Please use Tweet Treat Code in the "Notes" section when booking online.   

Full service spa required to redeem the offer.  Good for both dogs and cats.  All pets must be current on vaccines.

Off Leash Dog Park

If you live in the City of Gary, Inidana,finding animal friendly events in our city is quite a challenge, but it is needed!  Socialization for dogs is very important.  It helps them establish a pecking order in their dog community, as well as allows them to meet new dog friends to hang out and be silly with.  No matter how you slice it, you can never change the fact that dogs are pack  animals. They need that group socialization to understand who they are in the pack and to enjoy some silly time with one another.

The Four Legged Child

One of the best parts of being mobile for me is seeing how happy the four-legged children  get for their spa day.  It truly warms my heart when I round the corner and I hear the all familiar sound of a hound!  It is like sweet music to my ears!  Even the little ones get into the groove.  Happily dancing upon my arrival and giving sweet kisses when it's time to leave.  Sometimes I feel like Santa Claus!  After all he was the first one to come up with idea of going mobile.

Mobile Gift Card Sale Extended

There is still time to get your Clean Paws Mobile Grooming Gift Card!  The sale has been extended to Saturday November 24th!  Support a local small business this holiday season, and get your gift card while supplies last!

$15.00 OFF Fall Bath-N-Brush Special

Clean Paws Mobile Grooming Salonpresents our

Annual Fall Bath-N-Brush Special.

If you have never tried a Mobile Grooming Service before, here is your chance! First time customers will enjoy $15.00 off our Short Flat Coat Bath-N-Brush Spa service*. This service includes:

Our gentle Oatmeal 2 n 1 bath
5 minute Hydro-massage
Ears Cleaned
Nails Trimmed
& brush out

BY APPT ONLY. Limit 10 mile radius.No Drop offs. Must be current on vaccines, NO EXCEPTIONS. Dogs only.NO AGGRESSIVE ANIMALS ACCEPTED. Extra Large, or dogs that require extra handling additional.

2013 Clean Paws Mobile Calenders

It's almost time for the 2013 Clean Paws Mobile Grooming Wall Calendars!  Selecting the  models for each month has turned out to be quite a challenge!  There are just so many adorable faces, and not enough months for each! 

We will be taking orders for the 2013 calendars no later than October 30, 2012.  Keep an eye out for the new "TEAM OH-R-U-CLN" tab for all the cool new items!!!

Giving Roses

I have heard it said over and over again...give the people that you love their roses while they are here, because they can't appreciate them when they are gone.  I can only hope that I have given my friend, my mentor and the person that if I could have had a say in it would have been my father enough of them while he was here.

When I first met Dennis Bilal Williams, he and his partner Gus were the owners of a foreign auto repair shop.  Little did I know that when I walked through the doors the two of them would impact my life so deeply.

Gray Geese

You know, in the hustle and bustle of our everyday life we can miss some true gems under your noses.  I am so gulity of that infraction.  I am making a vow to make a slight change to brighten and lighten the day. 

While out on my appointments on a beautiful spring-like day, I decided to stop at the local McDonald's for lunch.  This is nothing new, but I usually maneuver Proud Mary through the drive-thru with the greatest of ease.  Today I decided to dine-in, and my encounter with the grey geese made it well worth my while.

It's All in the Attitude

While out running some errands with a dear friend of mine we decided to stop for a bite to eat.  As I approached the counter the woman on the other side was hell bent into an argument with the staff.  It was so bad that she was totally ignoring customers coming in to place orders.  When she had finished her rant, she never looked up or made eye contact with the customers.  It just made me think that if you are that unhappy doing what you are doing why not do something else?  We have all run across those people that make it their life's mission to hurl verbal assaults on others, "because they are going to set them straight.

Be Careful What You Ask For......

My dearest friend and I have grumbled back and forth about the high price of food especially eggs and milk.  Her recent quest to acquire chickens for fresh eggs was side-tracked by a obscure city ordinance.  As support of my friend I would angrily joke about getting a goat so that I could get the milk and make feta cheese.  We have gone back and forth with this conversation several times, me being firm on acquiring a goat and her on her quest for chickens.  Sometimes when I say things aloud, I really don't put much emphasize behind it, most of the times it's just a passing thought.