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Time is running out!

The savings on the purchase of a new gift card or re-loading an existing gift card ends November 17th! 

Get your card today!


Grooming Gift Card Sale

 Now you can save $15.00 of our Mobile Grooming Gift Cards thru November 17th.  Give the the Gift of Grooming this Holiday Season! 

While supplies last.  No limit on the number of cards to be purchase.  Savings applies to card re-loads as well.


$15.00 OFF Fall Bath-N-Brush Special

Clean Paws Mobile Grooming Salonpresents our

Annual Fall Bath-N-Brush Special.

If you have never tried a Mobile Grooming Service before, here is your chance! First time customers will enjoy $15.00 off our Short Flat Coat Bath-N-Brush Spa service*. This service includes:

Our gentle Oatmeal 2 n 1 bath
5 minute Hydro-massage
Ears Cleaned
Nails Trimmed
& brush out

BY APPT ONLY. Limit 10 mile radius.No Drop offs. Must be current on vaccines, NO EXCEPTIONS. Dogs only.NO AGGRESSIVE ANIMALS ACCEPTED. Extra Large, or dogs that require extra handling additional.

New Pet Sitting Service

Hello Everyone,

Finding someone to care for your pet while you are away can be a difficulty task.  If you live on the South Side of Chicago and/or the South Suburbs give our new friend Tia from www.friendsfurr-ever.com a try!  Tell her that Clean Paws Mobile Grooming sent you for a discount!

Above the Frontline

Summer will be making a come back I am sure of it!  When it does, makes that you and your pet are ready for the biting, stinging insects that will be making their appearance.  If you use a topical flea and tick preventative like Frontline, Advantage or Revolution, you maybe thinking you have all of your basis covered to protect them from the pests, but think again!  These products are a great preventative, meaning that they prevent fleas, ticks and heartworms(depending on the product you use) from reproducing, however, they  DO NOT keep them off of your pet.

Diatomaceous Earth

Spring and Summer brings beautiful flowers, sun filled days and unfortunately it also brings parasites.  Fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, lice.....YUK!!!!!  Diatomaceous Earth is one my of favorite products!  It can be used safely as a duster on plants, around the house to kill ants, and on your pets as well.  You can really get your bang for your buck with this product!

I have used D-Earth in and around the sleeping areas for my pets as well as giving it to them internally.  The results were amazing!

Shedding Season

  For some pets, this is season is ALL season.  Understanding your pet, their health and skin needs are very important to help promote a healthy coat. Let's take a look at how it works. 

Basically your pet's coat goes through two cycles. There's  a growth cycle where the follicle is actively producing hair and a rest cycle where follicle is not producing hair, but the new hair is growing out.  When the hair dies, it sheds and it starts the cycle all over again.

Feature Article on Christmas Day!

Just in case you missed it, here is the article in the Northwest Indiana Times


Happy Holidays everyone!

Have you heard about the dog flu?

Here is some information about the dog flu.

Listen to this article. Powered by Odiogo.com
Canine influenza is a new viral strain called H3N8. The name is derived from the amino acid composition of Hemaglutinin (H) and Neuramindase (N). There are 16 different Hemaglutinin antigens and 9 different Neuramindase antigens. It is a member of the Influenzavirus A genus in the family Orthomyoviridae. All of which is interesting, but unimportant. What is important is that it spreads between dogs only AND is highly contagious.

Hats Off to the Helping Hands

I have been an animal lover my entire life.  For some odd reason stray dogs and cats would follow me home from school when I was a kid, and show up at my door (unprovoked) as an adult.  My heart has always been  tender to animals.  I guess that is why grooming is like my Cinderella Slipper....a perfect fit for me.

I can watch a movie like Old Yella or Hachi A Dog's Tale and cry like a baby.  I can watch the Nature Channel for hours on end, and always be fascinated about all creatures great and small with the execption of bugs!