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Pamper your pet

Regardless of breed, size, and age, we welcome all pets to Clean Paws Mobile Grooming & Pet Services. Before your pet grooming session starts, we sit down with you to discuss grooming needs, behavior, and health. Then, we'll create a custom grooming plan for you. We promise a safe and clean environment for all pets, at all times.

Our base services include:

  • Bath

  • Fresh Fruit Facial Scrub

  • Brushing

  • Fluff-Drying

  • Clipping

  • Scissor Styling

We "the best" shampoos, and facials for your pet. Is the color fading in your pooch's coat? Our color enhancers can bring that shine back in no time! Skin problems? Our soft touch spa is the one for you! Don't forget We can give them the "King of the Jungle" look that will have them purring all the time! Call for your appointment today! 888-OH-R-U-CLN.

Current proof of rabies is required for all services. 

Current proof of rabies is required for all services.


New Color Me Cool

We are responding to your request to add a splash of color to your pooch's style. All products are high quality, pet safe

Semi-permanent and permanent color options are available. Upon booking your appointment please let us know ahead of time so that we can schedule enough time for your pet's ultimate make over!


Full Service Spa

Our Base Full Service Spa begins with a Tearless bath, Fruit Fresh Facial Scrub, Nails Trimmed, Ears Cleaned, Anal Glands Checked, fluff dried and styled or trimmed to make every pet look it's best!


Full Service Bubble Bath Spa

This spa is designed for short flat-coated dogs. It includes a Tearless Bath, Fruit Fresh Facial Scrub, Honey Oat Conditioner, Nails Trimmed Ears Cleaned ,Anal Glands Checked, Fluff Dry, Carding, 15 minute Brush Out and Coat Sheen.


Double Coated Spa Service

Big or small, we de-shedd them all! Our Full Service Double Coated Spa is designed for small to extra large dogs. It includes a Tearless Bath, Fruit Fresh Facial Scrub, DeShedd Treatment, Nails Trimmed, Ears Cleaned, Anal Glands Checked,Fluff Dry, Carding, Coat sheen and Leave-In Conditioner.


Full Svc Kitty Spa

Our Clean Kitty is a great treat for any kitty! This package includes: Full service bath,a gentle degreaser,de-shedd treatment, Nails trimmed Ears cleaned Soothing facial, Fluff Dry and Brush Out


Skinny Dip

Our Skinny Dip Kitty Spa service is designed for cats that are not comfortable with a full service bath. This service includes: Shave-Down, Nails Trimmed, Ears Cleaned, Brush out, head, tail and boots styled. Flea treatment, matting, and behavior handling is additional.


Kitty Bubble-Less Bath

This spa is designed for the kitty that is not-so-friendly when it comes to water. It is great for older cats that can not tolerate the stress of grooming, or cats that have never been groomed before. Includes a no-rinse facial and bath, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, brush out and light tidy up. Not Intended for pelted coats. Behavior handling, oral care & flea care, shave down and sanitary trims are additional.


Complete Oral Care Add-on Service

This pain-free service literally washes the plaque and odor causing bacteria away! Your pet does NOT have to be sedated and you can see, smell the results after one application! You will receive a take home gel to apply to the mouth until your next grooming service! Dogs and cats require full service spa..


Fresh Ear Cleaning Spa-Add on Service

Have you been battling chronic ear infection with you dog and nothing seems to work? Are you blown away by smelly dog ears? We have just the thing for you! Clean Paws Mobile Grooming has teamed up with the BEST ear treatment system available. We now offer Lisa Leady's K-9 Miracle Ear Elixir as a part of our Fresh Ear Cleaning Spa! Lisa Leady's K-9 Miracle Ear Elixir has been proven to be effective in clearing up yeast and bacterial infections in dogs ears. It is also effective for swimmer's ear! The spa includes an ear flush and a bottle of the K-9 Ear Elixir for continued treatment in between grooms.


Joint Therapy Spa-Add On Service

This spa is designed for senior pets with arthritis and working dogs. Your pet will enjoy a warm deep muscle penetrating peppermint bath, a light hydrating aloe conditioner and 15 minutes of our rejuvenating hydro-massage to refresh aching joints and sore muscles. Purchase of full service spa required.


Additional Services

**Aromatherapy **Therapeutic oil therapy **One hour massage therapy **30 day flea and tick preventative **Pesticide free flea bath Deep Cleansing Mudd Bath,Grain Free Spa Treatment, Medicated Spa,DeSkunk. Fresh Ear Cleaning Service only, Oral Care treatment only. **Behavior handling Must be purchased with a full service groom

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