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I was looking for a groomer for my German Shepherd Dogs who would come to my home to do the grooming. My dogs are 11 years old and 4 years old, the older is afraid of groomers and the younger had never been professionally groomed.

Michelle worked wonders, taking her time to asking questions about the health and condition of each dog. Jackie is a long hair double coated dog with arthritis and fear of groomers. Michelle took the time to make Jackie comfortable before taking her to the van for the grooming. When Jackie came out of the van and back to the house, Jackie was calm happy and beautifully clean and de-shedded with pretty Easter bows by her ears and tail. Ted though a short haired double coated dog received the same care of comfort, returning to us a Green Bandana about his neck. Most importantly the dogs returned happy and without any signs of stress.

I will be requesting the services of Clean Paws Mobile Grooming again in the future and would highly recommend Michelle's services to any pet owner.

Very Happy Dog Mom,

Sandra Troupe

CANNOT beat the convenience!

Both parents work full time in our family, so our time is very precious to us. The convenience of having someone come to my door, pick up my rambunctious Golden Retriever, and return him a few hours later is wonderful. Not to mention that Michelle did a fabuous job of grooming him, trimming him, and de-shedding him. She also gave us a heads up to inform our vet that our pooch had bleeding gums, which may indicate gingivitis. We paid for the convenience, but it was worth. We have another appt scheduled with CleanPaws.

by Jane Callies

Only groomer my dog likes

I adopted a retired show dog whom had been moved from home to home. He was abused along the way. He has a facial injury. He is very untrusting of people. He does not like anyone outside of my family except for Michelle. Peanut is a handful. But Michelle is able to get him to do any and everything she needs him to do. I wish she was here everyday! I also love the way he looks after his groom. He looks just like a puppy even though he's 11 years old!!

by gregsluvbunny

OMG Clean Paws Mobile Grooming Salon service is Fantastic and Amazing.

The love and care that Michelle provides to your pet will keep you coming back. The salon is neat, clean and smells good. Always on time and dependable. I will not take my pet to any other place to be groomed. I love that the salon comes to my house. Thank You Clean Paws Mobile Grooming Salon and Michelle You Are the Best!!

by Lorna

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